k3b-mp3 0.12.2-0ubuntu2

J. Grant jg at jguk.org
Sun Jan 22 15:16:29 UTC 2006


I wonder if you could help me with a problem I am having.  I am running 
Kubuntu 5.10. I am converting some MP3s to burn on a disc, 2 tracks from 
one albumn are not able to be loaded into K3B though.  Whe I drag it in 
and it says:

Unable to handle the folowing files due to an unsupported format.

However the MP3 plays fine in XMMS and is 192KBit just like the other 
tracks which did not have a problem.

Any idea what the problem could be please? Would it be possible for the 
dialog to give a better indication of what the problem it has 
encountered?  Do you know the developer to ask please?

If you would like the MP3 file with the problem let me know and I can 
email you it.

Kind regards

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