GDM does not start anymore

Duncan Lithgow duncan at
Tue Jan 24 22:51:25 UTC 2006

Camuzat Sebastien wrote:

>"GDM cannot write in your authorization file" is said.
>And I cannot log in. When I try to log on another
>account, same message.
>Any advice ?
Is your /home directory full? If it is then GDM _cannot_ write in 
anything - there's no space.

When grub comes up - press something to open the menu. Choose the entry 
to boot and press e to edit. Once in there move to the longest entry (I 
can't remember what it says) and try adding the word 'single' to your 
grub entry, then press 'b' to boot. That should let you log in to a 
terminal, so you can go and see if the /home directory is full - if it 
is you need to delete something.


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