Norman Silverstone norman at
Tue Jan 24 20:35:59 UTC 2006

Recently, my grandson asked me to see what was wrong with his desktop
computer. The fault seemed to be something to do with the hardware and
it was suggested by someone who knew about these things that I ran a
check with memtest. OK I agreed but I said that I had not got such a
thing as memtest. But he told me I had and that it was on my Ubuntu
install disc. This was the first I had heard of memtest and I have been
using Ubuntu for over 15 months.

Memtest is referred to in the help items at the start of the install
disc, I discovered and I was surprised that, because I am an avid reader
of help files, I had not met this before. All I can think of is that it
was not there when I installed Warty and, as I upgraded rather than full
install for the upgrades, I have never seen any up to date help files
and, hence, nothing about memtest.

I would welcome comments about the lack of information of changes such
as the addition of memtest and wondered what would be the best way to
keep users of Ubuntu, like myself, informed of useful items added to the
installation disc which we may never see because we upgrade rather than
fully install each new edition of Ububtu.


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