how to recover lost files

Duncan Lithgow duncan at
Tue Jan 24 15:03:18 UTC 2006

Phillip Susi wrote:

> Have a copy someplace else?

Pretty sure I deleted it from the original computer - I'll check next 
time I see it.

> If you fscked the drive and the files aren't there, then they are 
> gone.  You MUST correctly unmount drives before pulling them out.  The 
> best way to do this currently is by running umount from the command line.

That's a pretty technical solution to an easy task - I knew this, but 
hadn't been bothering becasue it's never actually happened to me before. 
What I don't understand is why, considering I did 'copy and paste' how 
come it's not on the original media (the removable disk) since the 
action was not completed.


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