Automatically re-size graphics and brand ?

Toby Kelsey toby_kelsey at
Tue Jan 24 13:49:17 UTC 2006

Yuki Cuss wrote:

>    convert -resize `echo $WIDTH`x`echo $HEIGHT` $i `echo -n resized_;
> echo $i`
>    composite $STAMP `echo -n resized_; echo $i` `echo -n composed_; echo
> $i`
>    rm `echo -n resized_; echo $i`

Too many unnecessary backquotes!  A more idiomatic way of doing this is

  convert -resize "${WIDTH}x${HEIGHT}" "$i" "resized_$i"
  composite $STAMP "resized_$i" "composed_$i"
  rm "resized_$i"

The double-quotes prevent any embedded whitespace ("my pic.jpg") splitting the argument.


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