Installing LDAP on 5.10

Zach uid000 at
Tue Jan 24 12:47:45 UTC 2006

libpam-ldap is in universe
change the following line:
deb breezy main restricted
deb breezy main restricted universe
to enable the universe repository (you can also add "multiverse" to
enable that repository as well).
Be sure to do the same for your various "" updates
entries as well so you can grab universe updates as they become

/* Some side notes for optimizing your sources.list: */

Disable deb-src lines except for instances when you actually need to
download source code for a package.  This will optimize the apt-get
update operation, since there will be less package info to download.

Also disable third party repositories, except for when you need to get
something specifically from them.  Often times they will have packages
that are newer/higher versions than what is in the Ubuntu repos and
that will cause apt to grab those unofficial packages during an
upgrade operation.  It's best to keep third party packages to a known
set that you explicitly allow.  For example I have marillat & debian
repositories in my sources.list, but they're commented out except for
when I need them.  I don't want to accidentally install non-ubuntu
packages that I'm not aware of.  This also will cause those third
party packages to show up in the local/obsolete section in synaptic,
allowing for easy removal in case of breakage.

As some have mentioned, having multiple mirrors in sources.list isn't
necessary.  They just result in unecessary package data that has to be
downloaded during each apt-get update operation.  To my knowledge apt
isn't smart enough to grab packages from the "best" mirror.  I think
it will download from the first in the list.  Having the additional
mirrors listed in case one is down might be useful, but in that case,
just have them commented out, and enable them if/when necessary. 
Again, third party repositories are best disabled except when
explicitly required.

On 1/24/06, Mike Kenny <inzanix at> wrote:
> Every howto or reference I can find tell me that I need to execute
>  $ sudo apt-get install libpam-ldap libnss-ldap
>  but this reports:
>  Reading package lists... Done
>  Building dependency tree... Done
>  E: Couldn't find package libpam-ldap
>  My /etc/apt/sources.list contains the following:
>  deb breezy main
> restricted
>  deb-src breezy main
> restricted
>  deb breezy-seveas freenx
>  deb breezy-seveas freenx
>  deb breezy-seveas freenx
>  deb breezy-seveas freenx
>  deb
> ubuntu-seveas freenx
>  deb breezy-seveas freenx
>  and I have executed
>  $ sudo apt-get update
>  Is there some other site that I need to add to this file? For that matter,
> I am pretty new to Ubuntu (and Debian) so if anybody could provide me with a
> known good sources.list or tell me what I am doing wrong, assuming that that
> is not the problem, I wou appreciate it.
>  Thanks,
>  Mike
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