failed to start X server (Ubuntu 5.10)

Sasha Tsykin stsykin at
Tue Jan 24 05:04:24 UTC 2006

Lee Slowick wrote:

> Hi,
> This is my first install of Ubuntu and the entire install seemed to go 
> fine, but at the end and now when I reboot and it tries to start the 
> GUI I get a error.
> "Failed to start X server... It is likely that it is not setup 
> correctly..."
> I viewed the log file and two things stood out:
> (EE) No devices detected.
> Fatal server error:
> no screens found

in the terminal type sudo dpkd-reconfigure xserver-xorg, and configure 
everything which wasn't automatically detected manually. Follow the 
prompts. If you don't understand one of the questions, then just press 

> <snip>
> Thanks.


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