Elmo wants the Modem Monitor icon on the Panel

alex radsky at ncia.net
Tue Jan 24 02:38:49 UTC 2006

Olafur Arason wrote:

>Try going to System->Administration->User and Groups
>And adding that user to the Access Modem groups.
There doesn't seem anything like a 'Access Modem' group
although one user can use the Panel icon to access the

If 'pon' and 'poff' work for both users, it would seem
that either user is able to access a modem but I can't
find any indication of this in the 'User and Groups' listings

>Olafur Arason
>2006/1/23, alex <radsky at ncia.net>:
>>I recently added another user (Elmo) and would like to give him some of
>>the privileges  of the first user, in this instance, a means of
>>accessing internet by clicking a 'Modem Monitor' icon on the Panel.
>>The first thing I did after adding the second user was run
>>'pppconfigure' to give Elmo internet privileges.  Elmo was then able to
>>access internet with the 'pon' command.
>>There was no problem for the first user;  all he had to do was right
>>click the panel and and select 'add to panel' then select the 'Modem
>>Monitor' icon in 'System and Hardware' and the icon appeared on the
>>Panel. (He also found that the icon could simply be dragged to the Panel.)
>>The second user (Elmo) can drag the 'Modem Monitor' icon from  'System
>>and Hardware' but it won't drop onto the Panel or any other place.
>>The  'add to panel'  option doesn't work either.  Strangely, Elmo can
>>place other 'System and Hardware' icons on the panel, just not the
>>'Modem Monitor'.  It almost seems that 'Modem Monitor' can be used by
>>only one user.
>>However, Elmo can access internet with the 'pon' command and conduct
>>email and web business.  It's just that he can't use the 'Modem Monitor'
>>icon that's available in the 'Add to Panel' menu.
>>Elmo would like to have the 'Modem Monitor' to access internet...what
>>does he have to do?
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