Problems partitioning during install

René list.account at
Mon Jan 23 21:00:27 UTC 2006

> Am 23.01.2006, 21:44 Uhr, schrieb Robert Aldridge <bamarob55 at>:

> So, I take an Ubuntu 5.10 install CD and boot from it.  When it gets to  
> the point where it should bring up the "Partition Disks" screen, it  
> seems to be detecting disks and the progress meter goes to 100%, then  
> the same
> screen repeats but this time the progress meter only goes to 52% where it
> hangs. I tried multiple times but couldn't get past this.

hi Robert,
probably something with the partition (only one partition on this disk?)  
is corrupted.
use a Partition Program from a Rescue-CD to make an empty Partition (empty  
Harddrive?) and then, if there is no failure with that process, Ubuntu  
definitely will be installed.
let me think about a good link for such a disk:
personaly i used a rescue CD with GParted on it, but do not remember the  
link. now, this GParted is also available as a liveCD. try please this.  
the program GParted is a nice one and free for you.
regards, René

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