Case modding an iMac "Tangerine" G3

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"The voltages around the picture tube are lethal"

You should told me that 30 years ago, or 20 years ago or hell even 10 years
ago.....I've been hit by 700,000+ volt TV's so many times I lost count. When
I was a kid, a neighbor of my grandparents had cows. Around his pasture was
a Double 230 volt electric fence. By that I mean it had two strands, each
with there own 230 volt charger. I used to go out there barefoot after a
rain and grab one strand in each hand and hold on till I blew the
transformers. It took him 10 years to figure out it wasn't the freaking rain
doing it.

I am not afraid of THE JUICE! LOL! What I am afraid of is FRACKING UP my

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On 1/22/06, Richard Colbert Jr <richard at> wrote:
> >"Can you boot from an external firewire drive cage?
> >Personally, I think you're nuts.  I'd rip the guts out and build a
> >seperate case that will work better for what you need.
> >Mike K."
> I was beginning to think NO ONE would state the OBVIOUS. LOL! I actually
> thought about that, but there are several reasons I don't!
> 1.) It is an ALL IN ONE iMac (See Picture Here:

Not to be too pedantic, but ALL iMacs are "all in one." That's part of
the charm.

> 2.) How would I build the case? What would I use for a Power Supply.

I'm sure if you google around you will find others who have been so
bold... the tricky part is the CRT. That's where the dangerous high
voltages exist, so make sure you are fully paid up on your life

> 3.) How would I connect the Monitor (leaving it in the case and only
> stripping out the computer parts) to the computer (in the new case). I
> the motherboard has a HIDDEN VGA Monitor connection, but how would I wire
> to the monitor itself. **NOTE: I have other monitors, but it would be cool
> to have it still working so it looked like it WAS NOT MODDED.

Many of the early iMac models actually have a VGA connector and plug
you can disconnect, so you could pull the "logic board" and leave the
rest of the "guts" (including the high voltage CRT parts) in the
bulbous case. It may require only a VGA extension cable and/or adaptor
to mate the ends the way you want.

But just as a magician uses exaggerated motions to misdirect
attention, you could instead build an external firewire enclosure into
what looks like a platform to hold the iMac. Make it a complementary
"fruit" color and nobody would think it was anything but a special

**Seriously, you will want to avoid tinkering with the insides of the
iMac unless you have a rudimentary knowledge of electronic repair and
safety techniques. The voltages around a picture tube are lethal.

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