Which is better? OSX or Ubuntu?

Rainer Gutkas Rainer.Gutkas at kstp.at
Sun Jan 22 14:22:51 UTC 2006

Maximilian Gerlach schrieb:

> Dude you won't have *any* fun running OS X on that machine. Too less  
> power, 

???? I got a Powerbook G3 Pismo 400Mhz and OSx ran fine for lot of time. 
So sure there are better maschines, but in speed measures it  beats Ubuntu

> *way* too less RAM.

thats true but its also too less RAM for Ubuntu

> So, I'd opt for Ubuntu, despite any direct comparisons ;)
> Besides that, it's (imho) mainly a matter of preference. Try both and  
> decide for yourself.
Thats true

> Best regards,
> Maxi

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