Which is better? OSX or Ubuntu?

Richard Colbert Jr richard at venuspcservice.com
Sun Jan 22 13:11:26 UTC 2006

Okay before you guys/gals answer that, I have a set of guidelines that I
would like used in answering that question. 


**Note: I am very new to Ubuntu and have never used OSX, hence the reason I
am asking**




1.)     Ease of install - including installation, setup and configuring all
connected devices

2.)     Overall ease of use - User-Friendly

3.)     Ease of installing additional hardware (Post OS Install)

4.)     Ease of uninstalling no longer used hardware (Without OS Re-Install)

5.)     Ease of installing new software/games/etc.

6.)     Ease of uninstalling no longer used software/games/etc.

7.)     Overall security and resistance to Viruses, Trojans, etc.

8.)     Ease of removal of Viruses, Trojans, etc.

9.)     Availability of GOOD software/games/etc.


I am asking this question SPECIFIC to use on an older G3 iMac (Tangerine)
with a 400Mhz. PowerPC Processor, 128MB Ram (May upgrade this to 256 if
needed), 10GB Hard drive (May upgrade this to 40GB if needed), Internal DVD
Reader, external BenQ Dual Layer DVD+-R/W w/ Lightscribe, Micro Connectors
iMac keyboard w/ 2port USB hub built in, Kensington Orbit USB Trackball
Mouse, USB External 120GB HDD formatted FAT32 (Used for backing up files
from both the iMac and Windows PC's.





Richard Colbert

"Recent Ubuntu Convert"

YIM: cmptrgeeknshermantx

ICQ: 14466429

MSN: pcheaven2k at hotmail.com


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