Ubuntu/Kubuntu on Mac G5.

Brian Durant RoadTripDK at MyRealBox.Com
Sun Jan 22 13:02:26 UTC 2006

On 22. jan 2006, at 13.44, Eric Dunbar wrote:

> On 1/21/06, Larry Grover <lgrover at zoominternet.net> wrote:
>> Brian Durant wrote:
>>> BTW, I just joined the YDL-newbie list and they were asking about my
>>> firmware version. I pointed out that I am running OS X Tiger  
>>> (10.4.4)
>>> but I don't know how to find out how to confirm my firmware  
>>> version.  It
>>> would be best if I knew what version I have before I file a bug   
>>> report,
>>> right? So, how do I confirm the firmware version that my G5  is  
>>> using?
>> I'm not sure what "firmware" is supposed to mean.  If it's the  
>> machine
>> model, then you can get it in linux by opening a terminal window and
>> running "cat /proc/cpuinfo"), or in OSX by clicking on the blue apple
>> (upper left corner), selecting "About this Mac", clicking on the  
>> "More
>> Info" button and then selecting "Hardware".  My iBook is a  
>> PowerBook4,3
>> and my iMac is a PowerMac8,1.
>> Regards,
>> Larry
> Open Firmware is the boot code used by all PowerPC Macs (and some
> older Macs); it serves the same purpose as BIOS in IBM clones. Open
> Firmware has been replaced by EFI in the new i86 Core Duo Macs.
> You can figure it out by following Larry's instructions to get into
> the System Profiler (About this Mac... More Info).
> The Open Firmware version is the "Boot ROM Version".
> Eric.

Thanks Eric. My "Boot ROM Version" is 5.2.2f2 That should be the  
latest version for my machine, yes? If that is the case, then the  
problem should be in the two modules  "windfarm_pm91.c" and  



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