[dapper] Xorg goes at full CPU

WaVeR debian at hispeed.ch
Sat Jan 21 11:23:19 UTC 2006


Le samedi 21 janvier 2006 à 04:00 -0200, Julio Biason a écrit :
> (Sorry if I missed some post about that. I did a search on my mails
> and didn't find anything).
> Last night I updated my system to Dapper. Everything is working,
> except for one small problem: Xorg seems to be using 60-70% of CPU. It
> wouldn't be a bad thing, except that this is a notebook and that means
> I'm running at full speed (scaling) all the time. Not good for the
> batteries. On Breezy, it usually went to 2-8%.
> This is a Dell Inspiron 9300 with a Nvidia Go 6800. I've already
> changed from the Xorg "nv" driver to Nvidia "nvidia" driver.
> --
> Julio Biason <julio.biason at gmail.com>

After you'r logged in, kill update-notifier.

Alt+F2 > pkill update-notifier


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