ACPI/Hibernation on a Toshiba Satellite M45

AA asokanon at
Fri Jan 20 18:27:39 UTC 2006

Hello all, 
I have recently bought a Toshiba Satellite M45-S169
and installed Ubuntu 5.10 to it.  To get the OS
installed I had to boot the installer using 'linux
vga=771', but other than that all seems to be well so

Now I would like to set up the hibernation, as well as
other ACPI or power management features on this
laptop, but so far I am having no luck.  If I tell the
computer to hibernate, either from the log out menu or
from the command line, the machine will hang as its
shutting down, usually after running a long list of
what it has disabled/saved to disk.  If I push 'ctrl +
alt + f1, the laptop will shutdown, but then it hangs
again on boot after scrolling another long list of the
stuff it has supposedly restored - then I have to
force the machine off and reboot which point I
may as well have not hibernated at all.

I have searched through the forums for 'hibernate'
'toshiba' 'ACPI' etc, but all of the how tos have to
this point been no help.  I have not tried to compile
the suspend2 stuff into the kernel because the info on
how to do that says that it will kill the 'linux
restricted modules', which contains all the drivers
that I need for ath0 and all that kind of thing, and I
am not to excited about taking down all the stuff that
acctually does work just to get this one thing

I also do not have the toshiba options in my kernel,
although I dont know why, I would think that it would
have installed that way, (I did not compile this
kernel, it is stock from the repositories).

Like I said, this is a stock kernel - I am not
completely opposed to compiling a new one if I need
to, but I am cautious about the potential of walking
into the one thing that I absolutely do not like about
linux: all to often, there is one thing that is a
total hassle to get working, (this time it was the
internet connection sharing from ath0 to my vmplayer),
and as soon as I do get it working and move on to the
next thing, (hibernation for me), the fix for one
breaks the other...if not the whole system.

If I can compile suspend2 and or the toshiba-acpi
support into my kernel without killing madwifi or the
rest of the lot I will do it, but based on the how tos
it sounds like they are saying any and everything that
uses the restricted modules will have to be

Thanks to all in advance, 

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