Urgent problem with ext3 filesystem!!!

Phillip Susi psusi at cfl.rr.com
Fri Jan 20 15:57:36 UTC 2006

Clone them is generally the least destructive option.  That file may 
already be beyond repair, but if you tell fsck to clone the blocks, it 
will get the volume back to a usable state and you can see if that file 
is damaged or not.

BTW, are you sure you are using ext3 and not ext2?  ext3 should never 
require a fsck.  You weren't mounting it from windows or something were you?

G-Point wrote:
> hello,
> when i boot my pc, it stops on root filesystem check, because it says 
> that a file has "6 multiply-claimed block(s), shared with 0 file(s)"
> so i can't boot linux.
> i don't want to delete that file, how can i solve my problem?
> copying that file to another partition?
> running fsck or ex2fsck?
> i tried to log in as root and typed fsck -n (assuming "no" to all 
> questions, you know) and i saw that it first asks: "clone 
> multiply-claimed block(s)?"
> and then : "delete file?"
> what can i do?
> cloning them will damage anything?
> help me please!
> thanks a lot
> best regards.

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