Ubuntu and Empowerment: "free access" - "world community"

Paul O'Malley ompaul at eircom.net
Fri Jan 20 14:49:38 UTC 2006

Lonn wrote:

>To: All Users of Ubuntu Help and User Discussions
>All about the world, each person struggles with competitions to their life.
Savage Snip

>Please post to the list -- any communication directed at me. I would like
>everyone to have the opportunity to recognize those who are culturally


If you want to talk about stuff that is off topic but has something to 
do with not helping people with hardare and software but "Ubuntu in 
General" I too suggest people follow Peter Garret's suggestion. Please 
join the sounder mailing list, that is what it is there for.

Join it, it is at the moment kind low traffic, use this link to join it.


6 mails so far today, the one from Peter and one other thread. Two days 
ago there were three mails.

See you there.


Paul O'Malley

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