Judaism, Islam, The Debate: which is best? ( was: Re: Windows, Linux, The Debate: which is best?)

Chanchao custom at freenet.de
Fri Jan 20 11:04:46 UTC 2006

Hello Jonathan,

Friday, January 20, 2006, 10:15:10 AM, you wrote:

>> Ubuntu is quite obviously more akin to Buddhism than
>> anything else. :)

JW> Huh? How do you figure?

Buddhism is big on going your own way and finding out / verifying for
yourself what is the truth. Buddhist monks are not supposed to even
touch/handle money.. Ubuntu is perfect as it's free. Finally: Life is
Suffering.. When Ubuntu users need a spiritual challenge they connect
a bluetooth modem and go through sleep deprivation meditation to make
it work. Heck, the startup tune even goes 'OhhhhhmmmmmmmMMMMMMmmm'.

Windows resembles Scientology the most. :) Endless courses & updates,
and pay for it! Also they bully everyone who disagrees with them.

Apple MacOS until quite recently was Muslim. As soon as you did
something the System didn't like, you got a bomb on your screen with
preciously little explanation. :)

(Ooopss.. :)


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