Ubuntu/Kubuntu on Mac G5.

Larry Grover lgrover at zoominternet.net
Fri Jan 20 02:07:08 UTC 2006

Brian Durant wrote:
> On 18. jan 2006, at 4.55, Larry Grover wrote:
>> That's too bad.  From what I had read, I though the thermal/fan  
>> control issues on the G5 power macs had been resolved.
> Should I report this as a bug that still exists or something?? Where?  

Bugs should always be reported!

The new Ubuntu bug tracking page is at:

Before you file your bug, you should search to make sure the same issue 
hasn't already been reported.

> BTW, what kernel is the Dapper flight 3 live-CD (PPC) using? Is this  
> the latest stable kernel? Would this problem with fan revving on a G5  
> be the same with any other distro with a kernel the same or below?

I think Dapper has 2.6.15.  You can check here: 
I believe this is the latest stable kernel, and yes, you are likely to 
have the same problem on other distros which use the same or older 
kernel (though many distros add patches to their kernels, and so there 
may be some differences).


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