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Kristian Vilmann kvi at sslug.dk
Thu Jan 19 23:35:32 UTC 2006

Dick Davies wrote:
> On 19/01/06, Kristian Vilmann <kvi at sslug.dk> wrote:
>>Yuki Cuss wrote:
>>>Typically, you will not want to enable the root login. Instead, have a
>>>user account (such as yours) with sudo access, so you can step up to
>>>root access just for what you need.
>>...right until it stops in single user mode, the FCAL connection to your
>>/home-partition is broken or someone screws up /etc/sudoers (yes, we've
>>had that happen!)
> I'm pretty sure that can be got around with console boot and passing
>  init=/bin/bash

You're right.

> ? It doesn't feel right to me to have a password enabled for an account
> I don't want anyone to use, but each to their own.

Linux is great, isn't it?


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