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Liam Marshall lsrpm at
Thu Jan 19 23:13:01 UTC 2006

Ubuntu 5.1x is the distro for me!  I have been searching around for a
distro that does all that I want.  This one appears to be it.

I have had trouble with video card compatibility(Mandrake), with sound
card(Fedora), Wireless NIC (SUSE)

Something always seemed to make it difficult to make the complete switch
to linux

I am a computer teacher at a private Catholic school in Winnipeg Canada.
I administer a K12LTSP server with 40 thin clients.  I use my laptop
with a multimedia projector in my lessons.  I was always booting my
laptop off the network cause I could not get a fully funtioning linux
distro working on the laptop stand alone and be able to access files on
the linux server.  Now this one does.  SUSE came close but could not
connect to the samba shares for some reason still unexplained.  

Ubuntu does!  and some time this summer I will load a test system with
the ltsp version of ubuntu and see how it compares to the fedora flavour
of ltsp.  Hopefully it will out perform it!  The fedora version of a
terminal server environment still has issues with sound.  Anyone know if
Ubuntu does? (sound on the thin clients I mean)

Anyway, to make a long story short, the only remaining problem I have is
with xserver and my laptop.  I had to go through the installation of
ubuntu several times because the first time I used a downloaded edubuntu
distro (from two weeks ago)  install went fine, but on reboot, xserver
refused to start, asked me to fix it, then restart gdm.  I had no idea
how.  then tried ubuntu 5.1x and it went fine, including reboot.  Then
did ALL updates, rebooted, and same thing, xserver refused to start,
asked me to fix it, then restart gdm.  again, no idea how.

finally redid the last type of install, and while running the update
program, removed all xserver updates from the list of choices as I had
no idea which one hoops me.  I could live with that, except I get a
constant nag screen about there being 60 updates waiting every time I
boot.  Anyone know or can guess which update is hooping me?  I suspect
the ati one, but do not want to take the chance as I now have it set up
nice and programs and data loaded.

Help would be appreciated
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