my ethernet doesn't work!

waterser forrest waterser at
Thu Jan 19 15:56:32 UTC 2006


  I installed Ubuntu 5.10 in my computer, but I cannot access the internet.

  CPU:           AMD Sempron 2500+ 64-bits
  Mainboard:   Asrock K8NF4G-SATA2
  Chipset:      -Northbridge:  nVidia GeForce 6100
                    -Southbridge: nVidia nForce 410 MCP

  As is know, when Ubuntu boots up, it'll try to access the My system fails there almost everytime (seldom ok).

  I tried many methods, such as "modprobe forcedeth" and disable
but neither of them worked.

  I have no idea of how to fix this problem. I surfed in the net but got no
help. Could anyone do me a favor?

  Thank you.

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