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David Hart ubuntu at
Thu Jan 19 14:42:42 UTC 2006

On Thu, Jan 19, 2006 at 11:34:05PM +1100, Sasha Tsykin wrote:
> [attribution to me missing here]

> 1. If you continue a thread within a thread (as you have done above)
> >do something similar to what I've done; change the subject with a
> >reference to the original thread.  This makes it easier for people
> >skimming or filtering on subjects (both on list and in archives).
> >
> My replies are always relevant to the thread. You can check all of them 
> if you like. You won't find even one which is not.  And if you don't 
> want to read it, then don't. Incidentally, there is a good solution to 
> the problem. Filter out the messages you don't want. That's what I did 
> because I was sick of arguing.

"Always relevant"?  I need only find _one_ example to disprove that!

You responded to a post that was off topic for the thread.
My suggestion was merely that you change the subject line to reflect
this fact.  You didn't so, strictly speaking, your post wasn't relevant
to the thread.

And on what do you suggest that I filter?  The subject line is of
no use when it isn't changed.  Under those circumstances I have no
option but to read it to discover that it's off thread!

Also, I'm not encouraged to discover that you seem to think that it's
ok to feed the trolls and and indulge in off topic (for the list)
discussions until _you_ get sick of arguing!

Please remember from my previous post that I said '_try_ to keep
conversations on topic for the list'.  It's the nature of discussions
that they will wander but it seems to me that, lately, more than half
of the posts have nothing whatsoever to do with Ubuntu.

Reluctantly, I think I may need to resort to a sender kill file
for this list in order to keep it manageable.  It's not a perfect
solution by any means but is better than losing the many interesting
and helpful posts that are made.

David Hart <ubuntu at>

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