Stupid disclaimers

Derek Broughton news at
Thu Jan 19 13:48:16 UTC 2006

Sasha Tsykin wrote:

> Derek Broughton wrote:
>>Point 2: One reason such things tend to be "there automatically" is
>>because the companies doing it _know_ it's annoying and don't actually
>>want their employees using their accounts for Usenet & listservs.
> And? what difference does it make. If it's annoying, ignore it. By the
> way, my sister's company uses them, and I can tell you it is a legal
> safeguard within that jurisdiction.

You're a lawyer?  Just because companies use them doesn't make them legal. 
Just because companies lawyers' advise them to use them doesn't make them
legal.  It's highly unlikely - no matter what jurisdiction she's in - that
there's any legal basis to say it is a "legal safeguard" as there are still
only a handful of rulings on email cases throughout the world.
>>Obviously quite a few of us care if it's there.
> You're the only person who has complained, so maybe not so many.

Huh?  I was _responding_ to _you_.  Duncan was the person who complained. 
So that made me at least the second.  Just survey any list for such posts -
you'll see lots of us object, but most of us let one person do the
objecting.  I just got really fed up to see you justifying it. 

> Almost everybody does do it.

My mother told me that "everybody does it" is no excuse, 40 years ago. 
Still, "almost everybody" doesn't do it.  A sizable number of companies do
- but most of them don't have employees using company email to post to
listservs.  I practically expect to see such disclaimers on company email,
I don't want it cluttering up my lists.

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