Well, Windows is back on the disk.

Richard Colbert Jr richard at venuspcservice.com
Thu Jan 19 13:41:52 UTC 2006

" I think you meant to say 'MS are a bit slack with security patches'.
That's hardly news. So is Debian."

I never meant to imply that Debian had there shit together when it came to
releasing patches. What I mean was MS doesn't even work on patches (usually)
until it has hit the media. Debian on the other hand (to the best of my
knowledge) starts working on them AS SOON AS they are made apparent to them.

I personally think WindowsXP is a damn good OS, it is just that I don't like
MS's practices, lack of standards support and general attitude towards the
common PC User.




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On 19/01/06, Richard Colbert Jr <richard at venuspcservice.com> wrote:

> So your saying that Microsoft makes billions monthly because people DESIRE
> THEIR CRAP! I don't think so! Everybody I know will tell you they ONLY USE

> a.) They don't want to learn something else (like Linux)
> b.) Because they have to use it at work
> c.) Because people/businesses they deal with use it
> d.) or because they are too stupid know they have a choice

It must be terrible for a genius like you to live in a world of morons.

How about:

e) it sort of works, and they have better things to do than install OSes
f) it runs the apps / games they want to play

It's all about f) people. MS know that as long as people keep writing apps
for their platform, people will keep buying it.
And even if Ubuntu came out with a perfect Windows emulator tomorrow,
most people wouldn't bother to switch because they already have a windows
emulator that comes pre-installed on their PC.

> What if the US Postal Service discovered the glue in their stamps was
> poisoning people, but they didn't do anything about it until it hit the
> that 10,000 people had died from exposure to contaminated stamps. You
> that bird would fly? Hell no! But MS gets away with JUST THAT THINKING

MS kill 10000 people a day. With their mind control rays, or their
black helicopters?

I think you meant to say 'MS are a bit slack with security patches'.
That's hardly news. So is Debian.

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