Windows, Linux, The Debate: which is best?

Duncan Anderson duncangareth at
Thu Jan 19 13:41:21 UTC 2006

Michael T. Richter wrote:

>On Wed, 2006-18-01 at 22:34 +0200, Duncan Anderson wrote:
>>Well this whole discussion is getting boring. Windows is crap, and 
>>nothing will ever convince me otherwise.
>Peter?  This is the "fanatic" element to which I was referring earlier.
Hiya, this is the "element" here,

I am forced to used Windows on a daily basis, so I feel quite justified 
in disliking it intensely. My background is UNIX so I am probably a 
"brainwashed fanatic" as far as you are concerned, since one of the 
reasons for my hatred of Windows is that is doesn't come with vi. ;-)

Anyway, what irritates me the most about it is that so much time and 
effort and money is spent on preventing viruses and so on. I have never 
had to bother with such irritations with *N*X, assuming that decent 
passwords are in use and all unnecessary network services are switched off.

I'm sorry if I offended you by calling Windows crap.


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