Performance problems with external USB drive

Matthias dumb at
Thu Jan 19 13:36:48 UTC 2006

Hi Sasha,

thanks for your replay.

Am 19.01.2006 13:30 schrieb Sasha Tsykin:
> It is possible your laptop has USB full speed not USB Hi Speed. USB Full 
> Speed is actually USB 1.1 rebranded, but is used for marketing purposes. 
> If access to the drive is very slow, that might be the problem.

It is a Samsung P28 XTC 1400c. According to their product site it should 
have 4 USB 2.0-controller. However, if I interpret the output of 
/proc/bus/usb/devices correctly then there are two slow ('Spd=12')
  and two fast ('Spd=480') which match - as far as I know - usb 1.1 and 
2.0 specification.


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