How can I creat a mialbox for Mutt?

Seth Hasani sepheebear at
Thu Jan 19 08:10:31 UTC 2006

On 1/19/06, YangPeng Ou <ouyan498 at> wrote:
> I install the Mutt on my computer with Ubuntu Breezy yesteday.
> When I open it first ( $mutt), the program ask me for whether I creat directory
> Mail, I agree. However, the program report that there is no /var/mail/p
> exiting(error2)
> So I creat a directory /var/mail/p, and open Mutt again, but it report /var/mail/p
> is not a mailbox...
> How can I deal with it?

Let me ask, where are you downloading your mail to? Mail spools arent
created automatically by the installer. I ask that first, because
that's where you want to setup mutt to look for your mail. If you're
using something like fetchmail/procmail to get mail, check those
configs first.

Check "man mutt" and "man muttrc"

Then create a file $HOME/.muttrc and add a few lines such as:

   set mbox = ~/mail
   set spoolfile = /path/to/your/mailbox  (likely /var/mail/$USER)

In my case, I use fetchmail with procmail to deliver to a maildir
formatted mailbox, so my config looks something like:

   set mbox_type = Maildir
   set mbox = "~/.maildir/"
   set folder = "~/.maildir"
   set spoolfile= "~/.maildir/"

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