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Sasha Tsykin stsykin at
Thu Jan 19 06:55:15 UTC 2006

Chanchao wrote:

>Hello Richard,
>Thursday, January 19, 2006, 4:16:00 AM, you wrote:
>RCJ> what to install on it. A few months ago, I ordered a
>RCJ> bunch of Ubuntudisks (with the intention of using them, but never
>RCJ> did), so I decided let metry Ubuntu �Breezy Barracuda� on this
>RCJ> machine.
>Honestly, does anyone else agree that 'Breezy Barracuda' has a more
>kick-ass ring to it than that fruity looking badger..? :-)
>(Let's do a request for less nerdie-lady names for future releases.)
>RCJ> Then I decided I would throw it for a loop and connect
>RCJ> aninternal BenQ DL DVD+-R/W burner that has been converted to an
>RCJ> external usbdevice. Surely this will cause problems, right?
>RCJ> WRONG! Much to my utterastonishment it detected, installed and
>RCJ> opened the disk that was in the drivewith NO PROMPTS at all. Now
>RCJ> keep in mind, I still haven�t rebooted sincethe initial boot to
>RCJ> start the install. How can this be? WindowsXX could neverdo this,
>RCJ> NEVER EVER NEVER! I have to be dreaming right!
>What you're writing is actually so perfect you must have gotten that
>feeling that you're in a horror- or disaster movie and something
>seriously creepy is going to jump at you and rip you and your
>barracuda to shreds.. :)
>RCJ> PS � I will be making the switch to Open SourcePERMANENTLY
>RCJ> thanks to Ubuntu. I will also advise everyone I know to make
>RCJ> theswitch too. In fact, any computers I build for now on will
>RCJ> come pre-installedwith Ubuntu if I have any say in the matter
>RCJ> (customers may not like that idea).
>Well give them the option.. If they want Windows it costs US$150 (or
>so) extra. And there's no warranty on messing it up. :)
>Thanks for your post!!  Made a wonderful and positive start of my day!
as did yours for mine.

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