Mysql install help

Wade Smart wade at
Thu Jan 19 03:03:47 UTC 2006

01182006 2102 GMT-6

Ok Mike. I tried that and I still get access denied by user.
I also tried this: I uninstalled everything. Started from scratch - just 
in case I totally messed something up, and then did this again. Same 

Im looking for the user/password lines in the phpmyadmin.


Mike Smith wrote:

>mysql -u root -p
>the -p will prompt you for a password, without it it will try to login
>without a password for root. The config file would be the cfg for
>phpmyadmin. Look for a README or INSTALL. I think there's only oen
>config file for phpmyadmin. That has the user/password line(s) you'll
>need to plugin.
>Good luck,

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