Mysql install help

Peter Eis eis at
Wed Jan 18 20:29:18 UTC 2006

Wade Smart wrote:
> 01182006 1245 GMT-6
> I tried to do this, install mysql, some months ago but hit so many
> obstacles that I just put it off. Now Im trying again.
> I installed mysql 4.0 and phpmyadmin.
> I have tried to connect to the server but with no luck.
> I tried to use phpmyadmin (which Im not familar with) to gain access
> to set up accounts but received this error:
>     cannot load mysql extension;
> please check PHP configuration
> I checked the php.ini and the ; is removed from in front of the mysql
> extension module.
> That thread that says Windows is 'better' than linux - well, I do not
> think so but installing and using this database is definately easier
> on Windows.
> Could someone be so kind as to help me through this process. Im just
> not understanding what it is I need to do.
Unfortunately there is more than one php.ini file.
Use 'locate php.ini' and edit all listed files, then restart apache.
Now you should be able to use phpmyadmin. AFAIK the initial user for
mysql is root with no password.


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