Failed SATA array (/dev/md0) - How to tell which SATA drive is "/dev/sdd"

Phillip Susi psusi at
Wed Jan 18 17:30:21 UTC 2006

hdparm works on sata drives in the newer dapper kernels.  Other than 
that, the ports on the card should be numbered corresponding to the 
sequence the kernel uses.  i.e. sdd should correspond to the 4th port on 
the controller.

You also might want to run badblocks on /dev/sdd to see if the drive 
actually is failing, or if something just hickuped and kicked it 
offline.  If it went offline for no good reason ( I've heard of this 
happening ) you should be able to use mdadm to bring the drive back 

Steve Kratz wrote:
> /proc/mdstat shows that sdd1 dropped out of my array, and I'm at a loss
> as to which of the five drives in this box is the bad one.
> I have two Promise FastTrack S150 controllers in the server, 5 drives
> total.
> I know hdparm can show the s/n of a standard IDE hard drive - is there
> anything for SATA drives? (hdparm reports that it can't do anything with
> SCSI drives).
> TIA!
> Steve

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