Can Ubuntu handle winmodems?

Lewis Futrell silicon.vampire at
Wed Jan 18 17:12:26 UTC 2006

>From personal experience, you will more than likely have to compile drivers
for your modem.  Lucent has very good drivers.  Conexant has free drivers
that only do 14.4K and sell the 56K drivers for $15us.  Intel supports their
536 and 537 chipsets.  Motorola also has linux drivers available. has very good resources on using these modems with Linux.
It is doable, but it does require a little bit of elbow grease to get things

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> Can Ubuntu 5.10 auto-configure winmodems?  The answer is NOT "Buy a serial
> port
> modem."  Before I invest any time with Ubuntu, I need it to work with my
> hardware.  Thanks.

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