The find tool is failing for a missing fs driver

Ed Fletcher ed at
Wed Jan 18 15:04:37 UTC 2006

J.Markoll wrote:
> Hello,
> Since a few weeks when I happen to invoke 'find' the shell returns an
> awfull! message.
> Awfull for me cause I don't know what he is talking about  :(
> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
> ~$ LANG=C sudo find / -name 'linux-source*'
> find: WARNING: Hard link count is wrong for /proc: this may be a bug in
> your filesystem driver.  Automatically turning on find's -noleaf option.
>  Earlier results may have failed to include directories that should have
> been searched.
> joyce at mamachine:~$ pon
> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
> This message begins to #$£%*!!?&@!!
> Is someone good enough on the subject to tell me what I could look at,
> what to check and so ? thanks gratefully for help.
> Joyce Markoll.

I've also started getting this message recently.  I suspect that it
started after a kernel update, but I can't be sure.  However, there is a
new kernel update in the works, so I'll see if that fixes it.

Ed Fletcher
ed at

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