ATI driver installation - Error inserting fglrx... No such device

Sean Hammond sean.hammond at
Wed Jan 18 12:24:00 UTC 2006

I am trying to follow this:

to get my ATI graphics working. When I run:

sudo depmod -a ; sudo modprobe fglrx

I get the following error:

FATAL: Error inserting fglrx
(/lib/modules/2.6.12-10-386/volatile/fglrx.ko): No such device

lshw gives me this info for the display adapter I have:

description: 	VGA compatible controller
product: 	Radeon RV200 QW [Radeon 7500]
vendor: 	ATI Technologies Inc
physical id: 	0
bus info: 	pci at 01:00.0
version: 	00
size: 	128MB
width: 	32 bits
clock: 	66MHz
capabilities: 	vga bus_master cap_list
iomemory	:	f0000000-f7ffffff
ioport	:	ec00-ecff
iomemory	:	ff8f0000-ff8fffff
irq	:	16

Can anyone help me get the graphics acceleration working?

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