Windows, Linux, The Debate: which is best?

Billy Verreynne (JW) VerreyB at
Wed Jan 18 09:04:04 UTC 2006

Peter Garrett wrote:

> Funny, it seems to have produced a whole operating system,
> and applications, which presumably you are using too...

About 50+ Sun servers running Linux.. Including a 12 node cluster (and
busy building 2 more 3 node ones).

> on principle then, should you not renounce the use of this
> clearly subversive GNU/Linux, since, according to you, co-operative
> productions are doomed to a lingering death of false hopes,
> and epically political/historical proportions?

Nah.. Now you're putting words in my mouth Peter. I was saying that
people using and supporting different distribs are unlikely to join
forces creating a single point-of-entry website to introduce Linux and
fight the "evils" of Microsoft.

> Equally odd is the fact that every day I see many people on-line
> working together, and every six months producing a staggeringly
> set of packages that mostly work rather well.

I see it in the workplace too.. Point being? (it does not require an
open source project to create complex software systems with many
seamless fitting components using a very diverse developer base)

> I must have a
> perceptual disorder, or be dreaming perhaps...

Well, if you insist.. I won't argue that you seem to have rather a
serious problem of sorts..

> Not sure if I'm a Bleeding Heart - I'm supposed to be an artist,
> according to some,

And you're not a fan of 'The Wall' either. Your loss. :-)

>> This argument of Windows vs. Linux will simply degrade into Linux
>> distro vs. Linux distro.
> Your cynicism is mildly entertaining, if badly thought out - your
> conclusions appear to be what I was taught in school to recognise as

> " non sequitur".

So The Great Battle between the Trolls of Gnomes and the Knights of
KDE is just a figment of imagination?

The communism/socialistic approach says that we should have a single
distro. For the greater good as we will not confuse the market. For
the greater good as we use our forces better. For the greater good as
we can fight The Suits of the Evil Empire of Microsoft better.

If anything, Linux is about -freedom-. Choosing and using what -you-
like. Which is why there are so many distros. Which is we have KDE and
Gnome vying for the same space on our desktops.


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