Windows, Linux, The Debate: which is best?

Duncan Anderson duncangareth at
Wed Jan 18 08:59:30 UTC 2006

Sasha Tsykin wrote:

> Duncan Anderson wrote:
>> <snip>
>> 2. Windows is an overpriced form of neo-colonialist spyware which 
>> consists of badly designed software overlaid with more badly designed 
>> software overlaid with more badly designed software overlaid with ...
> Do you even know what neo-colonialist means? I admit, that is the 
> context, I have no idea what you are talking about and must assume you 
> have launched into a rant. How is windows spyware? As for the badly 
> designed software, that is in my opinion wrong, but definitely up for 
> debate and not a foregone conlusion.
I think I have a fairly good idea of what neo-colonialist means, thank 
you. I think that Microsoft forms part of the neo-colonialism that is 
practised in my country, South Africa, and many people would agree with me.

As for spyware, if you can't see that, then you must be smoking 
something strange.

As for badly designed, I could give several examples. However, here are 
a few:

1. Setting the default stationery type on a printer. Why does it have to 
be performed more than once?
2. Explorer shotcuts vs actual files (send to)
3. Outlook .PST files

>> 3. Compare the number of hits you get if you do a google search using 
>> the following arguments:
>>   a. +linux +security +problems -windows -microsoft
>>   b. +windows +microsoft +security +problems -linux
>> This may not prove anything, but it is surely evocative.
> You're right. It proves nothing. Quality, not quantity. If one bug is 
> a showstopper, it is worse that a hundred (or ten thousand) which aren't.
I should like to hear of real "showstopper" bugs in Linux. I'm sure 
there are some. Windows has many. Half of my company's bandwidth gets 
eaten up with the downloading of patches for Windows, most of which, if 
not applied, cause the"show" to "stop".

I make no pretence to being "objective" about this matter, you 
understand. Windows makes my day to day life miserable, so my response 
to it can only be highly subjective.


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