Chanchao custom at
Wed Jan 18 06:12:25 UTC 2006

Hello Brian,

Wednesday, January 18, 2006, 2:12:04 AM, you wrote:

BD> How does the SUDO work on a live CD? For example to get the ethernet
BD> configured in KDE with Kubuntu Dapper flight 3, I get prompted for
BD> going into admin mode.

I don't.. (Breezy Live CD..) It just opens up. (All of the
administration panels).  Of course no changes are saved anywhere after
a reboot.

For changes to the preferences panels, those seem to be mostly saved
in the user's (user 'ubuntu') home folder, which can be manually
backed up and restored after a reboot.

I don't use sudo no matter what. Well, sudo -s perhaps, or sudo su. :)
Ideally I would not want to go into the terminal at all, actually, but
you currently can't run Ubuntu without using the terminal
occasionally.  Sometimes when you read instructions, both on this
list, or the wiki or the documentation, it gives you instructions on
doing something using the terminal, even when there's ways of doing it
using the GUI only.  This way we never grow out of that
ancient mainframe-geeky-professor stuff.


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