HowTo have a beautiful and powerful GUI within a very light GUI :)

J.Markoll j.markoll at
Tue Jan 17 16:35:37 UTC 2006

Derek Broughton a écrit :
> Thilo Six wrote:
>>Hit F9
>>In the sidepanel, there is a button to enter the history.
> For heaven's sake!  I didn't know that either.  I usually mouse to the "Go"
> menu and select History.
> Of course, since it's a KDE app you can set up a shortcut for History, too,
> which I've finally got around to doing..,
Without Kde the F9 shorcut did nothing in the Konqueror GUI ;)
Thanks anyhow, in the meantime I found the tiny button.
Greetings, Joyce Markoll.

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