Can Ubuntu handle winmodems?

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Mon Jan 16 21:50:58 UTC 2006

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> On 1/14/06, J. Kaplowitz <jfkap14 at> wrote:
>>Can Ubuntu 5.10 auto-configure winmodems?  The answer is NOT "Buy a serial port
>>modem."  Before I invest any time with Ubuntu, I need it to work with my
>>hardware.  Thanks.
> You may need to follow the instructions here:
> to find that out.
If it is not possible or if no pilot exists, you might invest in a cable
to connect to a gateway. That's what I'm doing for my laptop that don't 
have a serial port and no pilot available for it's winmodem (one 
existed, it was fit for 2.2 kernel and was described as functionning 
averagely bad, then I decided to try, but the link was dead... )

Winmodem pilots have to be fit to the kernel. Kernels versions run 
faster than winmodem pilots.
I don't know the correct word for this cable. It's fit for this use.
It is very cheap, too and most efficient, with an easy to run procedure
(with ipmasq on the gateway, I even ran it several days in a row with 
Knoppix running the gateway... ).
(French: "cable croisé", if someone knows the right english expression)
Greetings, Joyce Markoll.

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