Well, Windows is back on the disk.

Sasha Tsykin stsykin at gmail.com
Mon Jan 16 14:15:22 UTC 2006

J.Markoll wrote:

> Sasha Tsykin a écrit :
>> Michael Richter wrote:
>>> On 16/01/06, Giorgos <pinkisntwell at gmail.com> wrote:
>>>> There are so many wrong things in windows that I can't even begin to
>>>> list. The fact that it supports your sound card setup tells me 
>>>> nothing.
>>>> Grow up already.
>>> I extend to you the same invitation I extended to the other kind
>>> gentleman in this very thread.  If you don't like the message, please
>>> feel free to add ttmrichter at gmail.com to your ignore list.  While
>>> you're at it, add mtr1966 at hotpop.com, mtr1966 at hotmail.com and
>>> ttmrichter at hotmail.com.  Your life will be uninterrupted by anybody
>>> pricking your fantasy that Linux is ready for the desktop.
>>> Grow up, already.
>>> -- 
>>> Michael T. Richter
>>> ttmrichter at gmail.com
>>> Jabber: mtr1966 at jabber.cn
>> It's pathetic to jump on people for expressing their opinion.
> As I expressed in the last post I sent on this topic, it is in fact not
> pathetic at all, but very productive it seems, as answers come out, 
> whereas the one report on burning I did was purely ignored by all.
> One point.

This particular post has generated a lot of discussion/insults, but very 
little productive solutions, so ultimately it has't really helped. 
Essentially there is not practical difference between this sort of 
response and just being ignored. Incidentally, I doubt people were 
ignoring your post, but people only post, usually, if they have a 
suggestion to make, not randomly, or to throw insults.

>> try to stamp on debate this way. Grow up yourself. By the way, I 
>> would like to thank Michael Richter for raising this issue because 
>> the only way Ubuntu will improve is if the devs find out about this 
>> sort of thing, so really he is doing us all a favour.
> And sticking to it as if an important job to do :)
> Could it be done intentionally in a percise goal ? :)
>> Incidentally, you can add me to you ignore list as well. My addresses 
>> are stsykin at gmail.com, psychosushi at optusnet.com.au, 
>> stsykin at hotmail.com, and stsyk094 at scopus.vic.edu.au.
>> Sasha
> Is it what is recommanded to succeed in creating a circle of 
> cooperation with
> an ambition of succeeding in creating a highly Human relashionship 
> around Ubuntu use and development ?
> Ubuntu Linux, for the Human. ;-)
> Greetings, Joyce Markoll.
Nice. True, it would be better if people weren't being blocked by others 
within the community. But it would also be better if people weren't 
jumped on every time they said something that was a) obviously true, and 
b) purely inoffensive. But I retract the request to block me ;). 
Tolerance all round. Better to set a good example etc. ;)


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