Billy Verreynne (JW) VerreyB at telkom.co.za
Mon Jan 16 14:09:55 UTC 2006


I would like to use IPVS (Linux Virtual Server) on Ubuntu. This
requires a kernel rebuilt to enable Netfilter (and according to the
IPVS source, patching some kernel headers).

Just recently (as in last week) got into Ubuntu. Nicest and slickest
desktop distrib I've used ever.. but, I'm a bit confused as to how to
go about a kernel rebuilt (being an old Slackware user since the 90's
and a Red Hat/Fedora in recent years).

Running kernel 2.6.12 and do not find the kernel source for it using
Synaptic's search. Installed 2.6.11 and after having to manually unzip
the .bz2 file, cannot even get 'make menuconfig' (or any other make
option) to work.

Obviously I'm missing something - and yeah, the brain is heavily
infused with caffeine, but the old thing ain't what it use to be.

Any pointers/URL/doc references/etc will be much appreciated, thanks.

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