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Mon Jan 16 13:34:29 UTC 2006

peter wrote:

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>>Anyone ever got this to work? I've got Kino installed but it complains
>>WARNING: raw1394 kernel module not loaded or failure to read/write 
>>But that module is built into the Ubuntu Kernel right?
>>$ lsmod
>>video1394              18380  0
>>ohci1394               30644  1 video1394
>>raw1394                26348  0
>>ieee1394               90936  3 video1394,ohci1394,raw1394
>>Although /dev/raw1394 is actually there and the permission look fine - 
>>I've changed the permission to 770 thinking that ability to execute 
>>might help. It might have helped because it worked for a little while 
>>and I captured a bit - but as soon as I discarded those files to do it 
>>properly it's dead again with the same old warning message.
>>It's not half the fun playing with video if I can't edit it!
>>Hope you can help me - Duncan
> You need to make sure that you belong to the user group video. If you
>need to change the permissions so that they persist from one session to
>the next you can do so in the
>file /etc/udev/permissions.d/udev.permissions
>I believe the problem is with the kernels and udevs  incomplete
>(Currently) ie1394 support. I believe its important to make sure you
>have read write access.
Running it as root seems to fix the problems, but that's no way to do it 
of course...

The file you mentioned doesn't seem to exist on my system, there is no  
permissions.d/ in etc/udev/ , and the other files don't make much sence 
to me. The only bit I spotted which I thought looked a bit odd was this:

# ieee1394 devices      
KERNEL=="raw1394",    GROUP="disk"
KERNEL=="dv1394*",    GROUP="video"
KERNEL=="video1394*",    GROUP="video"

Thanks both for the help, let's see if we can get this so it works the 
way it should, then I'll add a how-to to the wiki.


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