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Mon Jan 16 13:29:35 UTC 2006

Michael Richter a écrit :
>>>- Ubuntu, however, got confused by my system having two sound cards in
>>>it.  It would randomly switch between them when doing sound-based
>>>things.  Or some programs would ONLY go to the undesired sound card
>>>(because it was card 0) or simply fail to produce sound at all.  If I
>>>removed one sound card, however, and sadly the desired card, all such
>>>confusion vanished.
>>Someone gave the solution very recently for fixing the confusion among
>>two cards.
> That would be my reference to Mystic Incantations and half-solved
> problems.  Implementing that solution now means that some programs
> don't make sound at all.  So there's no more confusing switches. 
> There's just some programs not working with sound at all.  It's a step
> up -- at least when I do get sound it's OK quality -- but it's not
> solved.
I suppose you write a documentation at this stage of the story ?
I find it difficult to follow the thread with so many background 
philosofical considerations. What about a (dry) technical summerizing next ?
<ul>list of hardware

*Solution met
*Precise result (with as little number of words as possible)
*New better result expected (with as little number of words as possible)

Did you use ALSA or OSS ? if ALSA did you meet anywhere with the idea
of writing 'alsa-mixer' in a console and see how better it can become ?

(I have no idea of what's in there, I just moved the cursors to take the 
red parts away and try each vertical representation of (?something) to 
get the best result possible. (My sound card isn't a jewel, it's an 
integrated AC97 and I'm not keen with the subject).

>>>- Nastiest of all: GNOME just locked up tight when it tried to play
>>>the startup sound and couldn't.
>>You can use planty GUI's different from Gnome.
> I can.  But that puts me even further and further away from Ubuntu,
> now, doesn't it?  And it adds more confusion to the end-user
> experience to just suddenly change the environment.  Wouldn't it be
> better to just not have the sound system kill the GUI?
We ought to add a few bug reports about Gnome. Such as many times slowing
before -I don't remember what- fixing something in the Nautilus 
configuration, such as getting slow or frozen when the 512 Mo RAM is 
being used, which is easy with a handful of applications.

Would music be available at same time as let's say, burning, and using 
Gimp at same time, plus.... OOo what should be kind of 'natural and 
expected' ?

Gnome is supposed to make it comfortable but it's like a big leather 
armchair: once you have to move it the effort to provide is important.

>>Now, let's see what is in this link. Too bad, is in french, but maybe
>>you do read french, or friends of yours do ?
> I'm English native, German near-native, French semi-competent and
> Chinese embarrassing.  ;-)
If some people you know want to translate it, it could be a good idea.
The story and the way it is written is absolute pleasure, so true and 
fun at same time.

>>To say what's interesting to notice, when you buy a computer, almost
>>always Windows is in it. Then when you need more applications you pay
>>lots of money for them. When you need help the hotline costs bags of
>>money and they are not in a hurry to answer. Here in France a comic
>>woman did a sketch 'allllooooo the hotliiiiine ???' -'Yes, stay tuned,
>>we'll answer within the three next days!'
> Oh, Hell yes!  I've never had a satisfying call into a help line for
> software (or hardware, for that matter).  Even some that my employer
> paid millions for.  (Literally.)  The thing is, though, that I've
> rarely had problems this profound under Windows for basic
> functionality.  Indeed only once did I have such problems and the
> problems turned out to be a motherboard slowly flaking out.
I did not have the opportunity to test burning very often in Windows.
I had Nero and it was working, but no deep experience (No ISO, no audio 
to carve, just a few datas). Now I stopped using the least gui under 
(Ubuntu) Linux as I could never solve why which one works for this and 
not for that, why that one works one time and not the other, and why the 
result of a 'tail /var/log/messages' returns code errors with numbers, 
which make my hardware ressemble to a buck of moisture ;-)

I burn with the command line. I will say it works allright, and for 
erasing too. Except when it decides it worked enough for today. 8-D

The other thing is I can notice that when someone send a post looking 
like a 1000 miles troll! like yours, I read many answers (more or less 
constructive I admit, but many answers). I sent a nice presentation of 
all I tried about the burning experience, with description of material, 
everything fine in the post, and not one answer since, It was at least 
one week ago or even more.

Conclusion, when a subject is ignored, send it back and put in the objet 
: 'Windows carves and Ubuntu doesn't! Why ???' :D  :D  :D
be <s>cit</s>netizen, send trolls on the Ubuntu mailing lists!

> With Ubuntu it has been mostly an OK-to-good experience.  Except for
> sound. (...)
> just don't appear to be wired correctly to find entertainment and
> relaxation through Mystic Incantations.  Perhaps I need to adopt the
> Sufi attitude of basically laughing at the absurdity of the world to
> catch on.
I don't know anything about whats inside the belly of the programs. No 
possible for me here.

>>Can you share your windows and your applications with your friends ? no(...)
>>the keycode does not work anymore. 'allloooo the hotline ????'  :((
> And yet, using Windows XP the past (about) three years on this laptop,
> I've never had problems with any of that.(...)

>>(How much did you offer for the development of Ubuntu btw ?)
> Well, once I get my bearings -- if ever I do -- I will likely start
> writing software for it.  Now?  None, of course.  This is the part of
> the cycle called "evaluation".
I know that. Cooperation researched, former users have to change the way
to enter fully in this way of dealing with the relationship. Either 
answer, and be useful, or just don't reply. This is part of the text 
written by Eric S Raymond in the link I gave, too. The chapter is called 
'how to answer intelligently to newbies questions' (or beginner's 
questions maybe... )

->Giving time is the important part of the share.

>>If a company that develops a non free software crashes, and the format
>>of your documents is not known by open applications, your work is lost.
> And yet I can count the number of lost documents I've had since about
> 1985 on one hand.

>>And also, during the time I'm learning to look forward and see the
>>moment I'll learn(...)
>>bunch of applications... now my hardware does not fail anymore, it's more
> My hardware has failed more often in the past three weeks than it has
> in the three years previous.  Don't be trying to talk about hardware
> not failing to me here....
And mine was brand new (again \o/)

>> Solution: install with  a dual boot, and
>>forget the hard life ?
> That is, in fact, the solution I adopted.  I just don't like the fact
> I had to.  Sound is a very basic piece of functionality that has been
> SOLVED in Windows, BeOS, MacOS (various versions, no less!) and a
> whole host of other systems for a long time.  Only here in Linux-land
> does it appear to be a nightmare of Mystic Incantations.
I could question additionnally to your post, why a computer should be a 
music box, whereas some hi-fi chains exist and give great quality, 
without the noise of a air fresheners in background ? Is a computer 
really made for music ?

Additionnally, a work station has to be secure, in the stability meaning 
of secure, and each time we install a piece of software that don't come 
from the official development team, we install apps plus libs and libs 
that can endanger the system and make it less and less stable with the 
dependency relations. And it appears that all interesting apps 
considering sound and video belong to 'other than the official 
development team'. Official teams, but not main and main restricted, 
where stay the apps said as being the most secure.

This means a computer (or an install on part of the HDD, or on another 
HDD) has to be used either for 'serious' work, or for entertainment, but 
not boths at same time, unless you want to take the risk to reinstall 
and reconfigure many things one day, at the same time that you need it 
for work.
Greetings, Joyce Markoll.

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