Well, Windows is back on the disk.

Arlen Christian Mart Cuss celtic at sairyx.org
Mon Jan 16 07:16:54 UTC 2006

Michael Richter wrote:

>On 16/01/06, J.Markoll <j.markoll at free.fr> wrote:
>>So there are several ways, cause several type users. Professionals
>>(-->services), non professional users(-->learning). Then the ones who
>>want to learn and those who don't want. For this type of users it's of
>>no hope, because even under Windows, it is necessary to learn, and even
>>more to deal with special software to securise it. The only thing, is to
>>loose Windows habbits when they are beginning to be strong.
>>Best greetings, Joyce Markoll.
>I'll cheerfully learn.
>Where, exactly, is ALSA documented again?  And its interactions with
>OSS and the other misbegotten software turds that seem to float around
>the Linux multimedia bowl?
>Give me docs--complete and coherent ones--and I'll gladly learn.
>Michael T. Richter
>ttmrichter at gmail.com
>Jabber: mtr1966 at jabber.cn
If you've been reading the LKML, there certainly aren't many. If you ask 
the LKML, I'm sure you'll get a response like, "the header files". It 
works in practice. :)

 - Arlen.

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