Well, Windows is back on the disk.

J.Markoll j.markoll at free.fr
Mon Jan 16 06:16:38 UTC 2006

Sasha Tsykin a écrit :
> Scott wrote:
>> What if they want Ubuntu (and/or any other Linux distro), FreeBSD, 
>> OpenSolaris *and* Windows on their computer, "just because"? :-)
> If they do, then that's fine, and who cares? (Other than those who will 
> be selling more software as a result, obviously). But it would be 
> negative for people to be forced back to Windows because Ubuntu is too 
> hard.
I'll bring some light on this, as I beginned almost 2 years ago with no 
former experience, neither with Linux nor with Windows. I started with a
XP Family, on a computer I still have. It was a brand new one assembled.
Feb 18 2005 ok. Then the HDD, a Hitashi crashed one month later. 
Garantee, changed. Then I had an average HDD boot failure once a week 
I'd say. I installed Mandrake 10 in June 5th, after I decided to start 
learning about at the end of March. (I summurised cause with Mandrake it 
was crashing ones a week too, and with Debian later, and .. I put 
Mandrake again and Lilo was returning 'floating point exception' when I 
wanted to add the other distribution in the entries... then, I changed 
the cables and updated the BIOS when I knew what I was doing, now it's 
all fine and with Breezy after Hoary !!!)

I can tell you it needs free time! I'm a mother with no work and my aims 
are so that it was good for me to do so. But, we should not forget a few 
elements, for example to transmit some elements that the new users can 
always use to know how to express their problem. I didn't see if someone 
told this person to say what are the components of his machine ? Did 
someone emit the idea the hardware of this person's machine could need 
being tested ? Who told him to check the kernel messages with a 'dmesg' 
after the boot procedure ?

Who ever gives the link to the 'smart questions text' from Eric S. 
Raymond ? or reads in the same page the chapter 'how to answer 
intelligently to questions' ?

So there are several ways, cause several type users. Professionals 
(-->services), non professional users(-->learning). Then the ones who 
want to learn and those who don't want. For this type of users it's of 
no hope, because even under Windows, it is necessary to learn, and even 
more to deal with special software to securise it. The only thing, is to 
loose Windows habbits when they are beginning to be strong.
Best greetings, Joyce Markoll.


Don't reboot after you read this, if you are under an Ubuntu system. 
Just do 'killall mozilla-thunderbird' in you console, as user, and the 
trick is done  :P

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