Well, Windows is back on the disk.

Rafael Alexandre Schmitt rafasch at uol.com.br
Sun Jan 15 23:52:56 UTC 2006

* Michael T. Richter (ttmrichter at gmail.com) wrote:
> I've given it an honest try being pure-Ubuntu, but the fact is Ubuntu is
> nowhere near ready for that.  Mysterious hardware and software failures
> (half-)solved by Mystic Incantations so typical of UNIX-derived systems
> are emphatically not what a modern desktop should be based upon.
> The big killer, in the end, was multimedia.  Ubuntu's handling of sound
> and video is flatly unacceptable.  The whole point of me wanting to
> watch a movie is my enjoyment, not to further increase the frustration
> of a day.  Under Windows I double-click on a file and it plays.  The
> sound goes to where I want it.  The video goes to where I want it.
> Everything just works.  On very rare situations -- usually when some new
> fad hits the scene -- I have to download a codec to make things work.
> In such cases, however, it's similarly trivial.  I Google on the codec.
> I download and run it.  And then everything works.
> The Ubuntu experience -- and keep in mind that I think Ubuntu is the
> best Linux distro I've come across! -- is almost diametrically opposed.
> Using the same hardware I get mysterious, random switching between sound
> cards -- when I get sound at all.  I get AC3-encoded files not working
> at all.  I get some files (or programs, for that matter) that will only
> work on one sound card and if that sound card (ironically the one with
> less capability!) is disabled not working at all.  All of this behaviour
> is "documented" solely by lore through a thinly-attached web of gurus
> who have the information in their heads but seem completely unwilling to
> spend the time to put it down in a coherent format once, favouring
> instead answering the same questions repeatedly and at length.
> Ubuntu still has a prominent place in my computer.  It is not ready for
> a mass audience yet, but I still hold out some hope for it.  Just not a
> lot.

And?? Who cares??
Software is software , it works for some people and doesn't work for
others. If it doesn't work for you move along.

What's the big deal? I'm a linux user since 1998 , and I can sure you
that it always work for me. Otherwise I will not use it.

If Windows works for you use it.

Rafael Alexandre Schmitt
Blumenau - Santa Catarina - Brasil
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