fstab entries for cdrom automount?

kooling kooling at gmx.net
Sun Jan 15 17:36:59 UTC 2006

hola comrades

After reading heaps of posts i still wasn'T able to find out what to 
write into the /etc/fstab  so that:
my dvd and my cdrom (writer) will "activate" them selfs as soon as I put 
a cd/dvd in. Every time I need to use a cd, i need to mount the cdrom1 
and umount it in order to get my cd back.

I'd be very thankfull for somebody to fill me in on the proper fstab 
entries so that the pc will mount the media drives automaticly as soon 
as i put in a medium.

my OS: Ubuntu 5.10 (DM: xfce)
and my relating fstab entries look as follows:

# /etc/fstab: static file system information.
/dev/hdc  /media/cdrom0  udf,iso9660 user,noauto 
  0 0 # CD-Writer
/dev/hdd  /media/cdrom1  udf,iso9660 defaults,noauto,ro,user 
  0 0 # DVD



Where is L. H. Oswald when you need him?

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