Will Ubuntu use KDE instead of Gnome ?

Stephan Hermann sh at sourcecode.de
Sun Jan 15 12:11:38 UTC 2006


On Sunday 15 January 2006 10:52, 'Forum Post, '@wailuku.xlogicgroup.com wrote:
> Why... its obviously not as priority since it only affects KDE and
> networked cups installs.  Kubuntu devs will say its the Ubuntu package
> causing the prob and Ubuntu devs will say its only in KDE ...

So, you actually know the Kubuntu Developer?

To correct your sentence: A bug is a bug is a bug.
If the cups configuration is b0rked in a way that it doesn't work with KDE, 
the Kubuntu Developer will try to fix this, in a appropiate way. This means, 
that Ubuntu Core Devs, who are working on the KDE Desktop and cups and Gnome, 
will sit together and will try to find a solution. 
Well, it can be, too, that the cups.conf works properly in Ubuntu with Gnome, 
but KDEs Cups Configuration is using a cups version which is older.

So, if you think, it's a bug, please file it on http://launchpad.net/malone
If you think, that Ubuntu Core Devs are so stubborn not to read bug reports 
and seeing the needs of the user of BOTH desktop environments, then we did 
something wrong. Please file a bug about what went wrong and what we can do 

> If you care then you file it ...

You had the problem, it is your job to file. Or not to file and leave the bug 
as it is.
As long as there is no bugreport, the bug doesn't exist.

Have a nice sunday,

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