Can't configure an Epson C80 printer!

Daniel Robitaille robitaille at
Sat Jan 14 20:26:05 UTC 2006

> I am really bummed that my printer cannot be properly configured by Breezy,
> and that the Ubuntu folks disabled the CUPS configuration interface, as that
> is what I have used to configure this printer in the past.

you not the first one to complain about the lack of the CUPS
interface.  See for example:

> I have compared the /etc/cups/ files between Mandriva and Ubuntu (I saved
> my /etc/ folder from Mandriva 2006), and I find them to be apples and
> oranges, not comparible at all, so configuration is beyond me.
> Has anyone gotten this printer to configure and work? Mine is connected
> connected via the printer port, lp0. I can talk to it with escutil to check
> ink levels in raw mode, but CUPS says it does not exist, or the Ubuntu config
> tool just crashes.

My Lexmark z53 works out of the box for me.  Does /dev/lp0 exist?  A
long time ago (Warty?), I couldn't print since /dev/lp0 didn't exist
for me, and it turned out the lp module
wasn't loaded in my setup and I had to manually add "lp" to
/etc/modules.  But that problem went away a long time ago on my

> Any help would be great! I am starting to wonder why I switched from Mandriva.

While I like Ubuntu and all, it is whatever distro you are more
confortable with.   Personally I always had problems with
Mandriva/Mandrake in the past, and Ubuntu works better for me.  It's
one of the think I like of Linux distros:  the freedom to choose
whatever works best.

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